What makes a trip to Israel special?

I have not yet met anyone who has regretted visiting Israel. The fact is, it’s an amazing destination and it would be hard not to love touring there. However, although most tours list many of the same sites in their itineraries, each tour actually varies considerably.

Knowing the reason for your visit is critical to figuring out the best tour group. I just returned from a small group, custom-designed trip (my specialty) to Israel for 12 days. While there, my husband and I ate breakfast at one of our hotel buffets with several German travelers who happened to be Catholic. When we asked them what they had seen and done, they said, “Oh, you know, everything.” And then they proffered a list of churches. This demonstrated the vast differences in preferences groups or individuals can have when visiting. Some love to see the churches. Some love museums. Some want lots of free time. Some want full tours. Some want to do a lot of hiking and walking, whereas others prefer to make stops that only require a bit of walking. Some want a Jewish or historical focus; some want an orthodox focus, etc. etc. The list can go on.

Our small group wanted to focus on experiencing the land, culture, people, and history of Jesus as a Jew while integrating New Testament teachings at the sites we visited. We did a lot of sweating, but also a lot of learning, spiritual growth, and laughing together. We connected as a small group, even giving each other trail names for our hikes and walks. My daughter, Adri, and her husband, Josh, went on this trip, which was led by my husband (Reverend David Wachter).  Adri put together a little video with some of her highlights. She’s agreed to let me share that here. I hope you enjoy it! And if you’re ever seeking a trip to Israel that will fit your particular needs, please let me know!

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