Camps Bay, Cape Town

Arriving at our house in Camps Bay, Cape Town, we were greeted by our house manager, Robyn. She gave us all kinds of great tips about where to eat, grocery shop, and find some secluded little local beaches within walking distance. We were also warned, not for the first time, not to be out walking after sunset. During the day, runners, bikers, and walkers enjoy the spectacular sea-walk. But in the evening, it becomes a hunting ground for thieves. So, following all the advice we’d been given, we walked 10 minutes to a nice seafood restaurant for dinner, but took Ubers for the short ride back.

Unlike our penthouse at Pinnacle Point, our house in Camps Bay had both air-conditioning and wi-fi. Some of our group slept fine with a bit of breeze, but the rest struggled to stay cool enough to sleep without the air-conditioning. Plus, there are always pictures to upload and share, which is tough to do without wi-fi. So the modern amenities of our Camps Bay house were much appreciated and everyone got a good night’s sleep.

We were greeted the next day by gusts of wind coming off the ocean. We had scheduled a Robben Island tour for 11 am, but the ferries were all canceled because of the choppy ocean conditions. This was disappointing since we had all looked forward to touring the island internment camp where Nelson Mandela and so many other political prisoners had been held. Instead, we split up and explored the V&A Waterfront. Some went to the aquarium and enjoyed it, but didn’t find it to be anything special. Others went to “Cause and Effect,” rated the 2019 cocktail bar of the year for South Africa. They had a great experience there. The rest of us walked the waterfront, stopped at the original transit station for Robben Island to look at photos and read some history, then found a picturesque restaurant along the quay with a unique menu. I was in the mood for a smoothie and tried their Revved Up Red, a mixture of beetroot, red pepper, watermelon, strawberry, cucumber, lemon and ginger, which was phenomenal!

Later, we re-grouped and tried some locally produced beer, wine, and cider at a brewery at the waterfront. Some of our boys tried a flight of beers from that brewery, while the rest of us enjoyed hearing their comments.

We were impressed that the V&A Waterfront had a lot of character and charm. Although there is a typical fancy indoor mall, much of it is a combination of current working piers, individual shops and restaurants, and several museums.


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