Sunday Funday

Sunday was less planned out than the other days. David and David Luke played golf again in the morning at Steenberg Estates. The rest of us had a more leisurely start. Josh and Adri decided to try out the climbing gym in Cape Town. It’s huge and they really enjoyed trying out some different styles of holds than what we’re used to at home. I was too afraid I’d wear out my fingers and forearms, so I declined that experience.  Heather took the cable car up to the top of Table Mountain to enjoy the gorgeous views.

All of us except the golfers met midday at the botanical garden. It’s over a century old and has focused on eradicating any foreign plants in order to make the entire garden replete with endemic species. It’s less cultivated than many botanical gardens, but has very mature trees and plants and is absolutely beautiful. There were also some statues of dinosaurs from fossils found in the Cape Town area. Some of my favorite areas to explore were the tree canopy bridge and the palms. Many of the century-old trees with thick branches twisting everywhere just begged to be climbed!

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