Kodiak, Alaska

As much as we enjoyed our relaxed rhythm and pace on our days at sea, we were all pretty excited to get out on land and see some new sites. Hannah and I planned a hike. It sounded really easy from the directions online, but as another cruiser from San Jose discovered, it was a bit harder to navigate. We had to clear U.S. customs on the ship before disembarking, so we were a little late getting off. As we were walking on the road to the trail head, another cruiser approached us from the opposite direction. He had been seeking the same trail head and couldn’t find it. I used Google Maps to keep track of our location and that’s how we found the trail. It wasn’t marked anywhere and would have been really hard to find otherwise!  But we were successful and climbed to the top of Pillar Mountain Trail, making it a roundtrip by ending in town on the opposite side from where we climbed up. We had wonderful views in all directions, so we could really appreciate some of Kodiak’s beauty.



There isn’t a lot in town. We did find a cute gift shop with a good selection, called Norman’s. Food was very pricey, but we were hungry after hiking 8 miles and were ready to sit down and relax! Cold wind was almost always present as well, and we were tired of being blown! We had a full and enjoyable day visiting this Alaskan island and a great appreciation for those who can live there year-round!

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